Teeth Whitening Options

There are a lot of teeth whitening procedures that are available now in the market. These would give you a lot of options and allow you to whiten your teeth even right at your own home or your trusted professional dentist. You are somehow bound to get muddled with so many options in the dental industry. In order to help you get out of this dilemma, we will take you through the best options available, so you can decide which option you can use in a smooth and fast way.

Professional Dentists

When you think of whitening your teeth, the very first option that comes into mind is to got to a professional dentist. Let us now take a feasibility if you will take this option. Your dentist will normally if you will take this option. Your dentist will normally apply carbamide peroxide solution (typically in a gel form), this will take approximately 15 minutes. After that he will clean the area to check the progress of the teeth whitening process. In most cases, patients will have to undergo a 15-20 minute session for 3 to 4 times a month, to achieve the desired level of teeth whiteness. If the stain or discoloration is stubborn, there is a tendency that you may have to schedule a return visit with your dentist, in order for him to finish the job. If you think it over, going to a professional dentist for teeth whitening treatment, is not a very good option as it will make you spend a lot of your time as well as money.

Natural Teeth Whitening Products

If you want to whiten your teeth in a natural way, there are many options available that you can use right in your own home. Some of these teeth whitening options home remedies are dangerous to your teeth, while there are also available products that are may be worth of your time and money. Some of the options that you can make use of to naturally whiten your teeth are lemon juice, vegetables, wood ash, strawberries, baking soda and carbamide peroxide. Although these options do not cost so much or you have to pay negligible amount to use the options, you cannot predict the exact amount of time that it would take for these options to naturally whiten your teeth up to your expectations.

Cleansing Strips

Another teeth whitening options that you can use is the cleansing strips. A cleansing strip uses a plastic brace that is filled with a liquid adhesive, which is then filled into the hilt and then inserted on top of the tooth. After that, the brace needs to be placed on top of the tooth for several hours, long and muddily procedures used while using cleansing strips to whiten your teeth make it an undesirable option.

Cleansing Gel

The next option to choose is the cleansing gel. Gels contain whitening agents which ate also know as oxidising agents. Hydrogen peroxide, when used as a means of cleaning your teeth of stains and bacterial pigments, helps you whiten the hue of the teeth stain. This process of teeth whitening takes a very long period of time to show its effect on your teeth. There is no guarantee that your teeth would be cleansed in the most appropriate manner.

Home-based Teeth Whitening Kits

Next on the list comes the home-based teeth whitening kits, which you can get from your dentist. Upon checking your teeth and gums, your dentist prescribes a take-home kit through which, you can keep stains and bacterial pigments off your teeth. The peroxide solution in the kit is less potent than the concentration used during an in-office method. Its application takes a very long period of time, thereby, making it a not-so-sought-after option

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