Diamons are Not a Guys Best Friend!

We have all heard it before, many times before, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Well I am a guy – and diamonds are no friend of mine! Granted, I am not a complete rebel, I gave my wife diamonds for her engagement, and of course for her wedding ring – but since then I have found a type of jewelry that makes us both happy!

During these tough economic times many of us guys (and gals) have found it increasingly difficult to swing the big bucks needed to buy a piece of diamond jewelry with any real substance. Sure – they have diamond jewelry that costs under $100.00 but have you seen those? They are almost invisible diamonds! Just a few months ago when I was shopping for my wife (for her birthday) I was looking both online and offline for jewelry for the special occasion. It was the same old story – either I spend 200.00 on a tiny diamond charm necklace or give in to urge to buy something that looked nice (for much more!).

It was only then when I stumbled across the world of Swarovski and Austrian Crystal Jewelry! Here I sat staring at a necklace for $100.00. I couldn’t believe my eyes! This thing actually could be seen by the human eye without a microscope! To make it even better, it sparkled as much (if not more) than a diamond!!!

My decision had been made…I took the “risk” and bought the nontraditional (at least for me) gift. The result was astounding! She absolutely loved it! She flipped out on me thinking I spent a small fortune on it! (But I didn’t!) I reassured her it was not breaking the bank and that she could rest easy and look beautiful in her new necklace!

So to all the guys and girls out there who are still on this diamond train, I urge you to jump off and give the world of Swarovski and Crystal Jewelry a chance! Let’s face it, if you can maintain quality and simply lose the massive cost, there really is no downside to it!

Yet another benefit of this is that you can buy your loved one more than one item! In the past one of my biggest problems with traditional gold and diamond jewelry buying was that I always came to the celebration with one item. Granted it was a nice item, but now I am able to do so much more with less! I can bring a matching Earring, Bracelet and Necklace for a fraction of the cost of the usual Diamond alternative! Imagine being able to bring three boxes instead of just one! Now that is something worth talking about!

I hope you enjoyed this little tip, and I encourage you to spread the word! Make sure to tell your buddies about it and I promise their wives, girlfriends or other female figure in their life will not be disappointed! Happy shopping, and remember, Diamonds are not a guys best friend!

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