Get an iPod and Get Green Too

I simply love my iPod Nano. It has many different applications that make it more than just a music storage device. The computer actually recognizes your iPod as a device for storing data almost like a thumb drive. I can download movies and watch them on my iPod too. It can store up to sixteen hours of video. That is almost 8 movies. How neat is it to be able to watch a movie on something that small. Even more so , its in the palm of your hand. Also, there are games that you are able to download on to it using the iTunes program that comes with it. I don’t use the other functions really , such as the notepad , stopwatch or calendar. I find that there are better ways of keeping up with those things aside from doing it on my iPod. That isn’t the reason why I love my iPod though. The best thing about the iPod for me is in how I am able to browse through my music with ease. It shows album covers on a rotating circle which is easy to use with the circle pad that is on the face of the device. Also I think that browsing through the list after you pass the album art is very simple because it is black and white then. You’ll become very familiar with a clicking noise when you use the iPod - don’t worry. It’s a very familiar sound whenever you’re looking through songs. It helps the eye be in time with the ear so you know when to stop scrolling if you see what you are looking for.
Personally, I have never had a problem with my iPod. They have a lot of great features too if you’re thinking of getting one for yourself or maybe for a family member or friend. One of the things I like the best is that iPods can hold more songs than I ever even knew existed. It’s a great tool to have, especially if you live in the city or whenever you walk everywhere. The music blocks out all of the loud noises and strange conversations that occur while I’m sitting next to many people on the subway. Aside from all the technical parts, the variety of colors you are able to buy are almost endless too. The newer versions of iPods come in all sorts of very bright colors, rare to any other music player on the market now. The screens match the skin in how vibrant the colors are on the 320-by-240-pixel resolution screen. In my opinion everyone should own an iPod. They’re great little devices - all you have to do is import songs from CD’s you own, buy them from iTunes and then sync and create fabulous playlists! As time goes on it’s clear that everything needs to become more friendly to the environment too, and Apple has gone the extra mile by making the pod with arsenic free glass, mercury free, and a highly recyclable outside enclosure as well. They’re very trendy and also very eco-friendly keeping with all the new "Green" alternatives you see popping up everywhere now.

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