Moving Home - Moving Back With Family

As the result of an unfortunate situation such as the loss of a job; a broken marriage; a sudden illness; the need to save; going back to school , or other financial circumstances, many adults are moving back home with their parents. Although moving back home maybe something you resist, often times it is the best solution available or at least until you get back on your feet again. The most important thing for you to consider when moving back home is finding a way to make your new living arrangements easy for everyone involved. Here are a few tips on how to survive your move back home with your parents.

1. Talk with your parent s to establish payment before you move. If you are not able to pay rent right now, maybe you can help with utilities, food, and necessities until you are able to give more. If any amount of financial payment is out of your means at the moment, ask them if you can help them maintain their home by cleaning, mowing the lawn, or cooking. Your parents will be grateful to receive anything offered to them in exchange for providing help to you for a while.

2. Set a deadline for yourself to move out. Unless you are moving in with your parents to take care of them, it should be understood that the arrangement for you to stay is only for a short while. Try to give your parents the peace of mind that you intend to only stay until you get back on your feet again.

3. As much as possible try to keep your parent’s house as close to how it was before you moved there. Before you move in, you may think about getting your own phone line so that your phone calls do not disturb them at odd hours of the day or night. Also, purchasing your own refrigerator to keep in your room and parking your vehicle in an area that won’t block them from getting in and out of the driveway are just a few other ways to ensure that their lifestyle remains the same.

4. Even though you may be an adult, it’s wise to remember that you are still living in your parent’s house and they may have rules for you to abide by. When they discuss their rules try to accept them openly. Think about it, if you are out of luck, the rules of your parents are probably a lot better than any other place you’ve have to live.

5. It’s best to act respectful toward all individuals of the house. It’s likely that other siblings or family members are also living in your parent’s house. Do your best to stay out of other’s way and avoid any conflicts that might occur.

6. Please try to remember that things will probably not be like they were when you lived there before, we all move on and things change, it may be a shock to you to discover your patents have discovered a life too, so respect that.

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