Love Stronger Than Death - The Best Ways to Honor the Dead

Though life may be one of the best and most inspiring phenomena in the world today, it is also a fact of life that it must end. Death is the only inevitability as far as we human beings are concerned. And the best thing that we can do when a loved on of ours dies is to remember and commemorate them in the most special way we can.

For those of use who believe in the afterlife, it is a pleasing thought that our relatives and friends who have passed on are looking down on us with pride and joy as we tell them how special they are even in death.

So what are some of the most creative ways that we can commemorate and honor our departed loved ones? Maybe you can try these amazing tips:

- Burning Messages: All of us have messages and unsaid words that we wish to convey to those who have passed on. And the best way for us to express that is to write them down and to have a minister bless the messages. After which, the messages will be burned, and you can rest easy with the fact that all those unsaid words were finally conveyed.

- Create a Tribute Website: For those tech savvy members of our society, making a tribute website to the dead is one of the best ways to remember them. Post funny stories, pictures, music and other things about the deceased to remember how he or she was in life=a complete blessing.

- Write a Biography: If you have talent in writing, you can do this to immortalize the woman you love forever. That also holds true for those who love to paint or play music. Why not dedicate your magnum opus to the one you love for them to be remembered forever?

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Jussi Koiranen said...

Great tips... Biography is something everyone deserves, but making it in electronic format...