UK shareholders to miss €7bn Santander issue

Santander’s 1.8m UK private shareholders are to miss out on the opportunity to participate in the Spanish bank’s €7bn ($8.76bn) rights issue after it decided there was not enough time to allow them to participate.

Santander has written to its UK shareholders to tell them that they will not have the opportunity to take up their rights in the bank’s fundraising. Instead, the bank is planning to sell their entitlements in the market and distribute the proceeds.

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Santander inherited a large UK shareholder base via its takeovers of Abbey National and Alliance & Leicester. The average UK shareholder in Santander holds about 100 shares.

Santander said it had decided on the move after concluding that it could not send the rights issue documents to shareholders in time. Santander is planning to complete its rights issue in 15 days. It said it would set up a cost-free dealing facility to give shareholders the chance to buy new shares following the rights issue by UK banks.

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