Flirt the Way You Mean It to Increase Your Dating Success

Flirting can have two different intentions. Women seem to have been born with this knowledge and men seem to have to learn it, quite the hard way. There is something known as innocent flirting, which is merely flirting for the sake of making someone feel good about themselves but without the intention of taking them home and doing them until sun up. This innocent flirting happens all the time and it is commonplace to find it in nearly every interaction between a man and a woman. Flirting can be just a way of breaking some tension or to have a little fun or to give a boost to someone’s day. However, there are other kinds of flirting that are a little more intentional and a little more inviting. Flirting with intention is like flirting to ask a question. It carries a very different tone to it and it may even be much more direct and much more sophisticated. This type of flirting is how we start the mating ritual of humans and learn about whether the party we are interested in ahs any intention of being interested back. If you are flirting with intention with a woman, you are going to lengthen your eye contact and smile with a sense of sexual secrecy about you. If a woman is flirting with you in the same fashion, then you have no question about where things are heading. However, just because a woman returns your flirting
advances doesn’t mean that she is necessarily at that moment interested in going to bed with you. It is a possibility, but not a safe assumption. Flirting with intention has a set pattern to it. You flirt with a woman you find attractive. She responds with her own flirting. The two of you end up handing the flirtatious remarks and gestures back and forth. At this time, you can be pretty sure that her intention is very serious and you should respond by asking her out. However, if she is flirting with everyone in the room, it is more likely that she is having a good time and just playing around. When you engage in flirting, you are engaging in a series of looks, comments, and gestures that indicate interest. Some people believe that you should never flirt with someone who is more attractive than you. This is a total self judgment that will leave you wondering whether you should or shouldn’t while the opportunity is there in front of you. Testing the waters with some flirting simply opens up either a positive or a negative response. If it’s positive, then keep heading in the direction of flirting and potential dating. If you are receiving a negative response, then you haven’t done anything more than made someone feel a little better about themselves. And there certainly isn’t anything wrong in that.

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