The Healing Power of Gemstones and Gemstone Jewellery

Throughout the history of mankind, we have had a fascination with beautiful things. For some, the fascination is purely aesthetic. For others, gemstones can hold a more powerful purpose.

Wearers of gemstone jewellery may find that the gems they wear provide healing properties for a variety of ailments. Other gemstones simply put the wearer in a certain frame of mind: calm, agitated, contemplative. Whether or not the healing power of gemstones can be scientifically proven, the lovely stones are used all over the world for these purposes.

Turquoise, for example, has been used for centuries to strengthen the body and protect the wearer from harm. Beginning with ancient folk remedies, turquoise has been used to promote healing of the lungs, muscles, and soft tissues. It is also said to be a soothing stone that provides the wearer with a clear head and a peaceful heart.
Quartz can be found in many varieties, each with its own set of healing powers. Rose quartz, one of the most popular jewellery quartzes, is said to promote a calm, stable frame of mind. It has been used by many to speed the healing of a broken heart, improve self-esteem, and restore calm to turbulent relationships.

Smoky quartz is another gemstone said to have extensive healing properties. It is expected to dissipate fear, depression, anxiety, and negativity. Smoky quartz is a gemstone that is often used by businesspeople who want to make wise purchases and come up with creative business solutions.

Clear quartz, or rock crystal, is one of the most powerful gemstones. When researching the healing power of gemstones, this is one that will come up very often. It is said to bring harmony and wisdom to the wearer by bringing the power of the universe into them. Clear quartz is also used to promote increased brain function and balance out thoughts and energies.
Onyx is a lovely black gemstone found often in gemstone jewellery. It is purported to dispel or deflect negativity from the wearer. It has also been said to increase the wearer's decision-making skills and improve self-control.
Pearls are without a doubt one of the most often worn gemstones. They come in several colours, but all are said to increase feminine energy and promote a sense of calm and well-being in the wearer. Pearls have been used by many cultures to treat digestive disorders and to ease the process of childbirth.
Tiger's eye is an interesting and beautiful gemstone that is said to have great powers of protection. It has been utilized in many cultures to increase psychic ability and encourage calmness in the wearer.
There are many more gemstones which are said to have healing powers. Although modern science says that these powers are not possible, people who have seen the results say otherwise. Wearing jewellery made with these gemstones may or may not have these effects on you. Whether you feel the healing effects or not, gemstone jewellery is guaranteed to make you look

and feel beautiful.

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