The Killer Categories In The World Of PR

They say that the best things in life are free. This article looks at how by understanding how successful PR and press releases work you can get the very best type of marketing for your company for free!

For any small or medium sized business that wants to grow without spending a small fortune on marketing, getting great at PR, public relations and writing press releases is something you really should do.

This hidden secret of the media can help any business grow by using public relations and press releases. The secret is to remember that journalists absolutely love certain types of press release or story. If you can make sure what you have to say somehow falls into one of these categories then your chances of PR success will increase beyond belief. I will start by listing the categories and will then give you just a few examples of how virtually any industry can work with these.

Hidden Secrets of The Media. The Killer Categories.

1. The Media loves controversial news.
2. The Media loves timely news.
3. The Media loves Children or Animal news.
4. The Media loves David v Goliath news.
5. The Media loves new ideas.

These 5 categories of stories are essential for you if you want to maximize your chance of getting your press release published.

So then how can you make sure your press release falls into one of these categories?

Well let us take a bog standard occupation and see how easy it is to make sure what you have to say does just this.

The example I will use is for an insurance broker or agent who really wants to tell the world about their new website. Could there be a less boring or un news worthy release? Probably not so we will see what sort of release they could send to get action.

1. Jade Goodey, Traffic Wardens and Insurance Companies – The Norties Terrible Trio

A release reporting on a survey done to identify 3 top people/groups of people who annoy the General Public in Modern Britain. The beauty of this is that the insurance broker reports on the survey results but then puts a positive twist on the story by mentioning (not selling) how they address customers concerns on their new site.

2. Why Wayne Rooneys Left Foot costs more than Van Goghs Ear

A release comparing the insurance premium paid by Wayne Rooney and Manchester United compared to other famous people and items. Further information is held on the brokers new website along with a calculator that allows people to input their own risk details and get a quote compared to famous people in history.

3. Are you Nuts? The 1 million pound squirrel

A release reporting on how a squirrel caused 1 million pounds of damage to a property. The insurance slant is that the damage was covered and both the owner and the squirrel escaped without loss.

By understanding what the media want and how best to meet their needs PR can prove to be a lucrative part of your marketing mix. And remember it is one of the very best forms of Marketing as it does not have to cost you a penny.

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